Lord Jacob ROTHSCHILD DUMPS The USD & BUYS GOLD – Warns World In Uncharted Waters (Video)

Lord Jacob Rothschild has announced that he is actively buying up large quantities in gold, warning bankers that the world is now in “unchartered waters”.

In his semi-annual address to investors at RIT Capital Partners, Chairman Lord Rothschild wrote that trouble is brewing for the global economy, adding cryptically that “the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world,” is currently being played out by central bankers.

“The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world,” Jacob Rothschild, a British investment banker and a member of the prominent Rothschild banking family, underscores.

“We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30% of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale,” he stresses.

Rothschild has called attention to the fact that despite the policy having resulted in the rapid rise of stock markets, this growth cannot last forever as the real sector remains anemic with weak demand and deflation in many developed countries.

Meanwhile, the geopolitical situation is not getting easier: China’s economic growth has slowed down, the election atmosphere in the US remains fraught and the conflict in the Middle East continues to rage on. Germany, France and the US have been subjected to terrorist attacks. To complicate matters even further the UK voted to leave the EU. “History teaches us that the gold price usually soars during economic crises, civil and world ,” underscored, stressing that apparently Rothschild does not believe in the US economy’s bright prospects, otherwise he wouldn’t have turned to gold. Rothschild Gold USD Dollar “Gold bullion” 2016 2017 bank banking “Bank account” finance economy world money cash savings “savings account” “gold vault” family elite billionaire millionaire “Interest Rate” interest debt credit “credit card” loan silver “silver coin” “sell Gold” “Buy Gold” stocks “Binary Options” “Binary Trading” UK USA America U.S. “United States” collapse swiss “elite nwo agenda” wealth asset assets risk capital GBP BREXIT forex “forex trading” jim rogers gerald celente david icke alex jones coast to coast am bank collapse closed bank holiday atm shutdown plan ebt down fiat currency illuminati symbolism federal reserve yellen prepare prepper prep jsnip4 demcad mark faber

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