7 Reasons Cancer Rates Have Skyrocketed In The Last 100 Years

By Twain Yobra

The national cancer institute estimates that 1.7 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in the United States, this year. And these numbers are rising year after year.

So why did our grandparents have lower risk of cancer? It mostly has to do with diet and lifestyle. Here are 7 reasons cancer cases are rising, and how you can lower risk.

High estrogen levels

There’s been a rise of estrogen levels in both men and women. This is due to use of the pill, exposure to chemicals like BPA, ingestion of oral estrogen and so on. According to research, high estrogen levels can increase risk of different cancers.

Reduce exposure to chemicals, lose fat and eat organic foods to lower your estrogen levels.

Use of vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are everywhere, in restaurant food, processed foods, fast food and so on. These fats high amounts of omega 6s and polyunsaturated fats. Both are known to increase inflammation in the body and consequently increase risk of cancer.

Studies also show that polyunsaturated fats have been linked to higher risk of cancer.

Low quality of food

The quality of food has greatly reduced in the last century. Most of the foods we eat today are genetically modified, processed and filled with pesticides. In fact, some foods are fake like the plastic rice in China.

Eat organic foods, and avoid eating meat from farm-raised animals.

Inability of liver to eliminate toxins 

Our livers have been overwhelmed with chemicals, estrogen, and toxins. The liver can’t eliminate all the toxins. As a result, the toxins have accumulated in the body and hormones have become unbalanced.

Cancer industry greed

The rising number of cancer patients means more business for the cancer industry. These companies probably withhold information that can help prevent cancer.

High stress levels

Stress can do a lot of damage to your body. It can ruin our hormones and weaken the immune system. Note that the effects can be severe if we have bad eating habits (overeating, unprocessed foods, or starvation).

Some studies have linked psychological stress to increased risk of cancer.


Some vaccines contain ingredients that can increase risk of cancer. In fact, 60 studies have linked vaccines to different cancers.

On study published by The New England Journal of Medicine, found that tumors in mothers who received Salk polio vaccine, grew 13 times faster compared to mothers who weren’t vaccinated.

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