While America Frets Over Creepy Clowns, We’re on the Verge of World War III

This week on Survival Saturday, the news relates to Russia and Germany. The threat of a war that could include nuclear weapons is getting ever closer, and a global economic collapse is nearing as well. But, oh, my gosh look! Forget about Obama provoking Russia – there’s a creepy clown! Isn’t he scary? Really, this gives a whole new meaning to “bread and circuses.” With something this obvious, you have to think they’re just making fun of the gullibility of Americans.

The world is in a period of flux right now, and unfortunately, all we can do is watch, work even harder to get prepared, and hope something happens to turn this ship around. Stock up on emergency foodwater, and other vital supplies before the crowd. Remember last summer when our own government issued 2 warnings to the American people to get prepared? Very few people took it seriously. I strongly urge you to get prepped because we’re headed for a bumpy road.

Are We About to Go to War Against Russia?

In all the years I’ve been expressing my opinion on the internet, this week has been one of the most troubling for news because it’s really starting to look like war with Russia could be imminent.

President Obama has been poking the bear, and the bear is Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia. Now, it looks like Putin is ready to poke back. Some people reading my articles about the subject this week seem to think that pointing out warning signs is me blaming Russia for the entire mess. That’s not the case at all. It is every bit as much a reflection on our own leader’s inability to get along.

First, Russia reneged on a long-standing agreement with the US to dispose of enough weapons-grade plutonium to make 17,000 nuclear warheads.

Then, Russia conducted a massive drill. And by massive, I mean they had a drill that involved more than 40 million people, lasted 4 days, and involved scenarios for biological, chemical, and nuclear emergencies.

This article outlines 8 alarming signs that World War 3 could be upon us. A couple of months ago, I posted that WW3 seemed to be approaching and it was only a matter of who would get blamed. It seems like now we know.

Governments around the world have been feverishly preparing for an impending disaster, but here in America, our focus is on this mockery of an election and the epidemic of creepy clowns.  Trust me, folks, we have much greater things to worry about than creepy clowns. I’d much rather deal with a creepy clown (hello, Glock) than sit by helplessly and watch our “leaders” destroy the planet with nuclear weapons.

I Know, Let’s Say The Russians Did the Hack and Then Nobody Can Blame Hillary For Losing.

Now, this is what I call a pre-emptive strike.

On Friday, October 7, Washington officially accused Russia of trying to alter the course of the 2016 Presidential elections by hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations.

Because, you know, we aren’t already having enough issues with Russia.

As soon as the realization dawned that Clinton could actually lose the election to a guy with hair that sets its own agenda, who has no political experience, and a mouth as big as the Holland tunnel, the excuses started.

The Russians did it. Of course. That’s that then. It must be true if the government says so. *cough*

Has it never occurred to these officials that handing out a few phone numbers  and leaking a few private email addresses is annoying, but unlikely to change the voting preferences of a couple of hundred million people?

And, also, let me express my supreme lack of sympathy for the politicians who have had their privacy invaded by the hack.

Maybe it will give them a feel of what life is like for the rest of us.  What they call a “hack” is a daily occurrence for us. Others accessing  our private information is a daily occurrence, and it’s often carried out by our own government rather than foreign hackers. It would be one thing if it was Nigerian scammers trying to get your bank account number, but daily, we have our own government delving into our emails looking for words on a list, listening to our late night calls to a lover, and watching our every move on CCTV.

Welcome to the real world, ladies and gentlemen. It sucks, doesn’t it?

Are We Witnessing the Economic Collapse of Germany?

The German economy is groaning under the weight of bad decisions and a metric ton of immigrants. This week, citizens were alarmed when they could not access their money in Deutsche Bank accounts. But don’t worry, the bank said it was only tech issues and everything is just fine and there’s a puppy, isn’t he cute?

To recap, Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany, is on the verge of failure. This has already had an effect on the American stock market. and if it does go under, the repercussions will be felt all over the world.

But there’s more. Commerzbank, the nation’s second-largest bank, will be no longer be paying shareholder dividends and is in the process of cutting more than 10,000 jobs. It sounds like a death rattle for Commerzbank too.

Germans were warned a couple of weeks ago to start stockpiling food and water. There has been discussion about the creation of a European Army, something endorsed by EU president Jean-Claude Juncker. Germany even considering re-introducing the draft.

They have their own issues, of course, but they have to also be worried about the radioactive peeing contest between Putin and Obama.

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