Max Keiser & Jim Rickards – How governments are stealing from the prudent savers (Video)

Guest James (Jim) Rickards talks about how governments and banks are colluding to STEAL prudent savers cash. They are doing ZIRP / NIRP, so to keep your cash, you can take it out as cash – but good luck with that. The governments are taking away higher denomination bank notes. They are also slashing the limit on how much cash you can take out – without being reported.

If you take out YOUR OWN HARD EARNED MONEY over a certain amount in cash, you will be reported as a terrorist or money launderer, and even be raided by police and your cash taken. They are also pushing for a “cashless society” -to steal from you at a press of a button.

The Bilderberg New World Order criminals must be stopped. THEY are the terrorists, not the prudent saving for stuff they might want to buy / education / retirement etc.

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