Crucial moments: SAA, Russia retaking Aleppo! (Video)

Why is the US accelerating its anti –Russia, anti-Assad propaganda in recent days? You may have seen the White Helmets “rescuer” footage all over the news, as well as the “Aleppo boy” sob story. This propaganda is easy to spot, obviously, for their white helmets. The said group are yet another George Soros “NGO”, who not only cut and paste footage from other events to suit their Satanic agenda, but they substitute US bombing victims as if the atrocities were committed by Russia.

Aleppo is Syria’s Stalingrad – once the rebels are pushed out, it is unlikely the US backed jihadists will win this war. In this video, the SAA, Syrian Arab Army (not to be confused with the US –backed “moderate” Free Syrian Army, FSA) retake 3 training grounds in Aleppo. These men have stood by Assad’s side for 4 long years – someone who has more popular support in Syria than Obama and Cameron put together in their own countries.

Anna News are a team of independent correspondents that are travelling with the Syrian Arab Army, under the watchful eye of the Russian Air Force.

YouTube does not monetize videos from a battlefield. Real life war scenes are deemed “not advertiser friendly”, which means that the content-maker does not receive any ad revenue. These journalists are not working for financial compensation – but simply for the deed of bringing you the real, hard truth from Syria. Head over to the Anna News Channel, by clicking on the source link above, for more battlefield footage.

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