Gold Cartel and Deutsche Bank – Andy Hoffman (Video)

– Power’s The Be are freaking out because of rising gold and silver prices ►0:55
– What would a Deutsche Bank collapse mean for the global economy? ►2:12
– Donald Trump is bringing light to the false economy ►6:54
– A Trump win will be “Brexit times ten” ►11:09

Silver has been money longer than gold. Gold is money and everything else is credit. As our economies continue to falter and the lies become ever more apparent gold and silver will be one of the few assets that will protect your wealth and family. Possessing physical silver and gold, in a safe place outside the banking system, will provide this safety net/insurance. ETF’s are not physical metal. There are several really great ETF silver and gold funds, however, this still places a “gate keeper” between you and your wealth. Physical silver and gold in your possession, eliminates all gate keepers between you and your wealth.

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