40 million Russians take part in evacuation drill (Video)

In the last week of September, John Kirby, Spokesperson for the US State Department, vowed to send Russian forces “home in body bags” from Syria, as well as not “ruling out” terrorism over Russian cities. This is a high-ranking America diplomat on the international arena, which could as well have been a command call from a terror leader somewhere in the mountains. Shortly thereafter, the US cut ties with Russia over the ceasefire in Syria, citing “violations” of the agreement. Meanwhile, Fox News prepared a World War 3 campaign against Russia, mutilating the facts so badly it’s difficult to know where to start. Nevertheless, it included footage of a hospital that was bombed 3 years ago by Al Qaeda, and not by Russia in recent days.

In response, Russia has deployed the S-300 missile defence system to Syria to protect its base, and with NATO on its doorstep – Russia called for a large-scale practice of an emergency evacuation drill. Everyone from government officials, to school kids are taking part. Even though this event was planned in advance– it is clear to see that Russia is prepared for the worst.

Would you and your government be prepared for Russia’s counter-strike? Or are you mired in the force-fed trash of info-tainment, staged Kardashian robbery, and sports-mad fanaticism?

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