Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump (Video)

Question: “What makes you so confident that Donald Trump isn’t suffering from the same psychopathic, self-serving bacteria plaguing the rest of Washington? Can you describe a time when you thought you found ‘the one’ only to discover that you’ve contracted political herpes?”

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I still don’t understand how one can claim DT will make America financially strong.

“Although Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, hotel and casino businesses of his have been declared bankrupt four times between 1991 and 2009”.

“Trump was quoted by Newsweek in 2011 saying, ‘I do play with the bankruptcy laws—they’re very good for me’ as a tool for trimming debt.”

“…Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, which filed for bankruptcy in 2004 with $1.8 billion in debt, filing again for bankruptcy five years later with $50 million in assets and $500 million in debt.”

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