The Military Draft Is Returning for both Men and Women: Can War Be Far Off

The draft is almost upon us. Last Spring, the Senate passed a requirement that will force young women to register with Selective Service. The states are becoming more draconian in the enforcement of non-registration for young males by doing such things as denying them the right to drive.

I have covered how Executive Order 13603 will have two drafts, one military, and one civilian which will be headed up by the Secretary of Labor. Are your children 18-30? They will soon be cannon fodder if we let them. Are you going to let your children used by the banksters in the name of profits?

We are on the verge of war in Syria and in the South China Sea. I have learned from one of contacts that F-35’s are congregating in Alaska in anticipation of providing bomber support when we bomb Russia.

Even foreigners see what is coming to our country. There will be a draft and FEMA camps who oppose the New World Order agenda.

From Breaking Israel News and Rabbi Alon Anava, who lectures all over the world on the end of days:

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Dave Hodges

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