LIES LIES LIES! Exposing The Main Stream Media Narrative (Video)

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Gerry Tlis
The crazy s**t is not the false data, contradictions, illusions etc…It is the fact that’s so many grown adults have been buying this diarrhea pudding for 100 years talking about Trumps charity but ignoring the admitted treason related to money laundering and brokering US secrets to rouge terror states done by a candidate who fires talk show hosts for questioning her admitted lies…. If this is occurring to the level of degeneracy that it is…It is the castrated, Feminized castreted beta males that we can blame. The Last Ticket was OBAMA BIDEN, afew letter off from OSAMA BIN LADEN right after the case has been made about 9/11 lies….and these subhumans still defend him…Good luck everyone

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Gregory Mannarino

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