WikiLeaks Reveals George Soros Directly Instructed Hillary Clinton As Secretary At State!

by Pamela Williams

This is not a brand new leak, but as I continue to discover so many of the past WikiLeaks revelations I missed. This one is of major importance especially now during the Presidential elections, and for me this is a chilling discovery.

George Soros is an evil man who seeks to control world, and he is actually doing it. He has financed Black Lives Matter, he has sent protestors into Ferguson and other troubled areas, and he has paid protestors to totally ruin Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s events. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

I was shocked to discover the leak and email that he had sent to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. “Cozy” is an understatement to describe their relationship; in fact, he was telling her straight what actions to take in a particular situation in Albania. He did not ask…he told.

Who was in charge of U.S. foreign policy when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state?  That is a legitimate question to consider in light of the most stunning revelation yet mined from the Wikileaks hack.  George Soros is suggesting an intervention in domestic Albanian politics, and getting his way!

Kyle Olsen of the American Mirror spotted the incriminating email chain, which begins:

Soros then calls for (see full text here) the “international community” (ahem) to intervene and pressure the Albanian government to “forestall further demonstrations” and “tone down public pronouncements.”  He even offers a list of three candidates to go to Albania and act as mediator.

Soros “asks” (or is it “instructs”?), and guess what happened?

Just three days after Clinton received the e-mail from Soros the EU ended up sending Soros’ suggested nominee Lajcak to mediate the civil unrest, the BBC reported.

Let us be clear here: Soros got the U.S. and other accomplices to intervene in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.  Soros has long been accused of being a puppet master orchestrating world politics and markets for his own benefit.  I am not certain if this is the first documented instance of his ordering an action and it being implemented by major powers, but even if there is precedent, how is this not huge news?

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