The Corporate Federal Government Is Coming After Your Freedom [Again]

The globalist’s presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is failing in her bid to become the next Puppet In Chief.  There are mounting terrorist acts throughout Europe, now that Soros has led the way for Muslim “immigrants” to flood into Europe placing economic strains within each country, but more importantly, killings, raping of women and young children, violence and fights.

The goal is to rid Europe of it sovereign borders, break down and destroy national identities and move closer to the New World Order where individualism and freedom are non-existent, where only the State controls everything.

Here are some recent headlines:

IED Explodes In New York City; 29 People Injured: Bomb Was “An Intentional Act” Mayor Says

An hour later:

Stabbing Rampage In Minnesota Mall Leaves 8 Injured And Attacker Dead

Unrelated as to violent acts

High School Football Fans Told To Stop Chanting “USA, USA”

What do these and so many recent similar attacks have in common?  While real, as to the acts of violence, they are more than likely “false flag” events backed by the CIA for the express purpose of getting Americans to believe these are terrorist attacks and the nation is being threatened and needs to be “protected” by more and more militarized police forces, while at the same time, people’s freedoms are being stripped away in the process.

We have mentioned Problem, Reaction, Solution on several occasions, and the seemingly unrelated acts of violence occurring throughout America [by design, making them not random as people are being led to believe], and you are witnessing the globalist’s Problem, Reaction, Solution scheme, firsthand.  It may not seem that way, but there are no accidents.

As to the football fans being told not to chant “USA, USA,” this is yet another example of how intrusive the Thought Police federal government has become in everyday life.  They make it appear that people are incapable of thinking and deciding for themselves, and a set of government rules are a better substitute for common sense, which is becoming less and less common, these days.

Do not believe everything you read.  Why are events like these being covered extensively, yet Hillary Clinton’s habitual breaking of all laws, the corruption of her and Bill, along with the Clinton Foundation receive little to no scrutiny?

Why?  The Emperor is wearing no clothes.

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