Five Habits that Help Improve Your Survival Chances in a Random Attack

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Apartment Prepper

My husband and I became interested in preparing for emergencies after Hurricane Ike hit our city of Houston. As a wife and mother, I feel very concerned about the uncertain times that we are facing in our country. I want to feel more secure and in control, since I feel we should not rely on the government to help us in any emergency. Many preparedness sites that I have read gave me good information but much of it is geared toward people who own their homes or have a retreat. While this is one of our goals towards which we are working, we are currently not there yet. So I needed to do something in order to feel more productive. There are some steps we can take now to become better prepared and self sufficient, while living in an apartment in a large city. I am writing this blog to help not only myself but others who are in the same situation and want to have more control.