Mr. N.S. noticed and shared this article, and I think it is hugely important, even though it may not be recognized in many places as such.

Why the importance?

Over the years I’ve argued in various blogs, interviews, and most importantly, books, that there is in existence a hidden system of finance in the world, being run largely by elements in the American deep state, in collusion with those not only in other countries, but in certain prime banks of the western financial system. This system, I have argued, relies on various forms of “securities”, usually in the form of commodities-backed bearer bonds. As a component of this argument, I have also proposed the hypothesis that the bearer bonds scandals of 2009 and onward were components of this scheme that, inadvertently, were exposed by various police actions, but that they were not recognized as such, and usually dismissed as “hoaxes” and the involved securities as :”counterfeits.” Never addressed by the lamestream media was the fact that if these scandals represented counterfeiting schemes, then they represented some of the goofiest schemes in history. We were assured that no such bearer bonds were ever issued by the US Treasury. But the unasked, and hence unanswered question, was why anyone would counterfeit a security which never existed at all? One does not counterfeit seven dollar bills. Similarly, the counterfeiter relies on the counterfeit instrument to be exchanged for goods, services, or legitimate securities or money. Counterfeiting securities in astronomical denominations of hundreds of millions, or even a billion dollars, also seems to defeat the purpose of counterfeiting, for even at extremely sharp discount, who has that kind of pocket change? Considerations such as these led me to propose that there was an underlying reality represented by the bearer bonds scandals, and that they in turn may be part of this hidden system of finance. There were, of course, academic attempts in a few books to derail this whole notion, and I even covered some of them in my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations. These attempts were less than convincing, and didn’t even address the fundamental questions as I have reviewed them in this paragraph.

But now there is perhaps, with this article, another clue into the the architecture of this system:

Welcome to the Dark Net, a Wilderness Where Invisible World Wars Are Fought and Hackers Roam Free

Consider the implications of these paragraphs for the hypothesis of such a hidden system of finance, for after all, if one is moving billions, perhaps even trillions, of dollars of “securities”, one has to have a means of trading and clearing quickly and cleanly:

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