What’s that I See In Your Wallet? A True “Store” of Value!

It is amazing to watch people take “stock” in themselves, over and over and over, while at the same time they keep putting aside taking stock in their personal financial situation.  A facelift here, a”tuck” there, a pill here, a pill there, but no need to worry about their personal financial situation.  Why?  We are in the USA, and we always win.  Sorry folks, the fact is we haven’t won much of anything in quite a while!  Witness the failure that is the TPP (toilet paper protocols) and the TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) which is being rejected in massive fashion by the primary industrial powerhouses in the EU.  We couldn’t sell breath to a dying man.  Even if we had good salesmen it wouldn’t help as the product is crap, so no-one is buying.

To all of us in the west, we should be asking what is on the shelves in our “Stores,” and what supplies us with a true “Store” of value? Or better yet, to be cliche’ “what’s in your wallet?”  Imagine that catch phrase making it big in a non-debt ridden society.  Depending on your age, for some of us that is very difficult to do.  Are you loading up on legal tender that is scheduled for devaluation and guaranteed per historical precedent to go out of style?  Or are you wisely accumulating real money?  By now ‘roguemoney.net’ regulars know the correct answers to these questions.  

But it is time to reaffirm that knowledge with one of the best interviews I have heard in quite a while (at the end of the installment), by some like minded friends from across the pond.  Friends who add confirmation to our efforts, but with a different perspective from a different front in the currency vs. real money battle.  A perspective that helps to reassure us that our answers to the above questions are still on target.  But first a health update, with confirmation from a personal friend who knows the real score first hand!  Followed by the “Hard Asset Tip,” then news that abuses, and finally one heck of an informative interview supplemented with Wolf Gray, redneck business analysis.  

Please don’t skip the “A ‘Store’ of Value” segment with brilliant analysis from across the pond!
Health Update

In the last couple installments Del Bigtree’s movie “Vaxxed” has been highlighted, along with some of my homeopathic friend’s wisdom on vaccines laced with toxic substances.  Seems that this is the subject that will just not go away in the alternative media, and with good reason.  Enough of a reason for me to call my friend Manfred Mueller (note his lengthy credentials are available in the first video clip in the 9/13 installment) to interrupt his weekend activities for verification on the claims in the following link……


The goal of my call was to see if all the material in the above article was accurate.  Personal admissions: one I don’t have a clue what nagalase is, nor what “GcMAF” (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor) is, nor what “GC Protein” is, nor if the deceased doctors mentioned in the article died under suspicious circumstances.  But if my friend says that it is accurate, then that is good enough for me.  Short answer, he said it was accurate.  In fact I conducted a quiet test.  While I was talking to him I had the article in front of me on my desk top, and with no prompting and just a few generic questions, he reaffirmed all the key material in the article.  Either he was looking at it at the same time I was, or he wrote it, or more accurately he knows the subject thoroughly.  **Nagalase is a protein made by all cancer cells and viruses 

More appropriately for informed RM readers, he is another insider, literally a witness to EFP (‘Evil For Profit’, see last installment).  Additional ‘Tip of the hat’ to Dr. Jim Willie here as well, as he is been all over this nagalase stuff in his “Hat Trick Letter” for some time now.  Until now, I just never connected the dots.  Sometimes I am a bit slow on the uptake, especially after last week’s Del Bigtree interview and the details on dangerous vaccines.  That being said, the term nagalase still laid dormant in my mind, until now.  Note the cancer references in the link provided above and the autism references.    

Mr. Mueller knew some of the deceased doctors, and has been personally working on procuring some homeopathic remedies to help in clearing these injected toxins, but guess what?  As you might expect, the US pinheads in charge not only don’t want nagalase interfered with, they apparently want your body to have the natural GcMAF’s for immune protection exterminated as well.  “Evil For Profit” anyone?  Hold on, it gets better.

Manfred told me that he was prohibited from getting the nagalase clearing remedies he needed in the US, so he was instead trying to work with a firm in Japan.  Guess what happened?  As RM regulars know by now, Japan is a US lapdog (gradually shifting east with China though), who was willing to allow their own pension funds to be robbed by the US to the tune of 1.2 trillion dollars in late 2014.  So is it any surprise that the remedy Mueller wanted was stalled in Japan as well?  Wait it gets even better.  Guess who he is working with now to get this natural remedy?  China!  Can we be any damned dumber?  NO, come-on-man, this is pure EFP!   Hopefully my friend will be successful in his pursuit of natural remedies for this medical problem.

Of note, I hope to visit with Manfred this weekend to get greater detail on this amazing “Evil For Profit” subject.  In talking with him I got the impression he had more to say.  Because he was the one who initiated the idea of meeting this coming weekend.

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