Dmitry Orlov: Interview on Extinction Radio (Podcast)

Covers many topics including my rather skeptical take on near-term human extinction. (My segment is just the first 30 minutes).

00:10 Music – IPCC by Baba Brinkman

00:43 Introduction, Mike Ferrigan, Host
02:59 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Dmitry Orlov
36:55 Benjamin the Donkey – The Blind Men Were Irrelevant       
39:25 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Jennifer Hynes      
54:15 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Carolyn Baker
67:00 John Compost Cossham – A Diary Entry
72:20 Benjamin the Donkey – Pre-Doomers
73:41 Lisa White – Holding Both/And as a Gift to Ourselves and Each Other
86:44 Michael Adzema – Nuclear Sanity Activism
96:42 Peter Melton – International Day of Peace
107:26 Robert Preece (Bob the Poet) – Learning to Let Go
112:10 Sign-Off, Mike Ferrigan, Host; Music – IPCC by Baba Brinkman


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