The Most Embarrassing and Lowest Point Of Obama’s Presidency JUST HAPPENED (Video)

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the breaking news of how Congress over turned Barack Obama’s veto allowing victims family members to sue Saudi Arabia. This is major news with huge geo political repercussions that we will cover on this channel.

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Bruce Wayne
Saudi is being blackmailed. United States and NATO allies colluded with the worst of the worst in the Middle East to control oil output and prices in preparation for going off the gold standard. Part of that deal was to recruit jihadi’s to fight Russia during the cold war. The United States with its new allies in the Middle East created Al Qaeda with the Mujihadeen and ISI. Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, elements within the CIA, Congress, and non loyal jewish Americans all worked together to pull off 9/11. In exchange for all of these dealings, America with its military industrial complex would use the false war on terror to break up countries like Iraq and Syria into sections for their new allies to take their share/plunder.

Now the war on terror has failed, the public is beginning to understand the truth. The countries have failed to be broken up into sections, and Countries like Saudi Arabia are reneging on the deal. Saudi Is blackmailing with overproduction in oil killing world prices, and in return America is blackmailing Saudi Arabia with 28 pages. This is your red herring as everyone turns on one another. They are all guilty.

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