Gerald Celente – What Is Happening In The Real World Is Extremely Distressing

With the world focused on the usual propaganda from the mainstream media, today top trends forecaster Gerald Celente said what is happening in the real world is extremely disturbing.

Trend Alert®: Presidential Election will not affect economy. What will??
(King World News) Gerald Celente —From Asia, to Europe to America, equity markets around the world on Monday swayed in anticipation of who would win the Presidential Reality Show®“debate” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…

Across the business media spectrum, market experts claimed that a positive financial future hinged upon a Clinton victory and were parroted as economic gospel:

  • US stocks close sharply lower as all eyes turn to debate; financials lag.
  • U.S. equities closed sharply lower on Monday, with financials and healthcare lagging, as market watchers kept a close eye on a key OPEC meeting and looked ahead to a U.S. presidential debate.
  • “The market has basically priced in a Hillary Clinton victory,” said Randy Warren, chief investment officer at Warren Financial Service. “If it’s a big victory for Hillary, then no one will watch the next two debates and the market is going to go back to business. If it’s a big victory for Trump, then no one will watch the next two debates and everyone is going to be freaking out.”
  • “…Investors are waiting to see what happens at the presidential debate,” said Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at First Standard Financial. (CNBC, 26 September 2016)
  • On Tuesday, when the Dow regained most of what it lost on Monday, CNBC contributors attributed it to Clinton beating Trump. “It looks like Hillary Clinton earned the market’s vote,” said James Abate, chief investment office at Centre Fund, adding she “is going to be good for the status quo.”

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