North Korea warns UN of nuclear war with South Korea & U.S. – G7 to stiffen sanctions

North Korea has warned the world before about a possible war especially as the United States continues to cooperate with the South. Nonetheless, despite the threat of nuclear war, foreign ministers of the Group of Seven countries promised to take a harder stance over North Korea’s provocations. Will North Korea pull the trigger?
North Korea issued a warning to the United Nations saying that things could turn into nuclear war especially with America intervening into things. US sent its supersonic bombers near the border of North Korea which prompted the country to issue a warning that things could escalate with the South. According to North Korea’s foreign minister, that B-1B bombers from the US military navigated over South Korea but also crossed the demarcation lines dividing the two countries. The US military said that at least one of two supersonic bombers went over the region and approached North Korea’s border.
Dave Benham, a US Pacific Command spokesman, confirmed that the bombers flew but they “did not at any time cross the military demarcation line between North and South Korea,” as reported by The Sun. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, claimed that every nation reserves the duty to enforce  U.N. Security Council resolutions to guarantee that North Korea “pays a price for its dangerous actions.”
In response to North Korea’s actions, the G-7 has reiterated a stronger stance on the country. “Sharing deepening concerns over the recent developments in North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programs, we stress our determination to take further significant measures in effective response to provocations by North Korea,” Nikkei quoted the G-7 foreign ministers through their statement released following a meeting in New York.   –Morning News USA

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