Important Update with Keith Neumeyer: Silver, Gold & Mining Stocks (Video)

Keith is in the top 3 leaders in the resource industry who has made our subscribers the most money. First Mining Finance rose 220% and First Majestic Silver 600% in 2016 alone. Today we have Mr. Neumeyer back on to update on the general resource sector, federal reserve’s lack of a rate raise decision and an exciting new silver mining company just announced that’s looking incredibly well positioned for those looking for a bare floor investment with massive upside potential.

00:05 Introduction to Keith Neumeyer, Mining Leader
02:10 Resource Sector Correction in Long-Term Bull Market
03:55 Keith’s Companies Rose 600% & 220% in 2016 alone!
04:30 This bull market in mining is still very beginning
05:55 Federal Reserve Lack of Rate Hike in meeting
08:15 Silver One Buys 3 Projects from First Mining Finance
11:00 First Mining Finance: Fasting growing Gold Developer
14:20 Acquired 8 Companies in 13 months: World’s Best Assets
15:30 First Majestic Silver: Silver Mining 70% of Revenue
17:10 Silver Miners are Very Rare; Supply is Tight


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