We fly you don’t! US wants no fly zone over Syria, but only for the Russian and Syrian jets (Video)

John Kerry says Syrian ceasefire plan will only work if all aircraft are grounded. But as Murad Gazdiev explains, the no fly zone over Syria mentioned by the Secretary of State wouldn’t apply to the US-led coalition.

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Joshua Paul
Shameful. Kerry is a buffoon who can not even control his own tongue. Obama is a war criminal supporting Al-Qaeda and obsessed with regime change. If Saudis and special interests put Crooked Hillary in the WH America is in big trouble along with the rest of the world. She is a crazy warmonger worse than Obama. Neocons adore her.

[TDC Note – IF think people around the world, not governments but everyday citizens, are not sick up to their eyebrows with the U.S., go read some of the comments for this video – Link HERE>>> Remember, they hate us for our freedom, not because we bombed their neighborhood because it was Thursday.]

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