Racial Tensions are Tearing the US Apart

TDC Note – Which is precisely what George Soros and his criminal crony friends have been planning with the whole BLM movement. BL’s don’t matter because if they did BLM would be protesting EVERYDAY in the city of Chicago until the black-on-black MURDER stopped or at least slowed down. If BL’s matter so much why is BLM not protesting, EVERYDAY, at abortion clinics around the country to stop the 90k abortion annually? BL’s don’t matter – what matters is looting, rioting and destruction.


It’s a sad fact that massive civilian protests that are quickly turning into riots have become a common occurrence in the US today.

According to the US analytical media source End Of American Dream, the town of Charlotte in North Carolina has been plunged into chaos by widespread cases of civilian disobedience, in spite of the desperate attempts that local authorities are making to restore order. The recent outbreak of violence errupted when local police officers shot a young African-American Keith Lamont Scott dead. The situation looks grim, since Charlotte is the largest city in the state. Riot police units have reported at least 16 officers injured due to the continuous clashes with the local population. Hundreds and hundreds of outraged protestors were burning cars, throwing stones at police, and trashing store windows in the broad daylight. Riot police units responded with tear gas, but it was reported that the North Carolina Governor Patrick Lloyd McCrory demanded the National Guard units to be deployed in Charlotte. At least one protestor was leathely wounded during the clashes. 

It’s noteworthy that just two days before the outbreak of violence in Charlotte, police officials in Tulsa were forced into admitting that yet another African-American was short dead while being unarmed. The local police deparment spokesman Chuck Jordan was compeled to release the footage made by a helicopter that was monitoring the incident, when two police officers stopped a car, demanded the driver to step out and raise his hands, and when the latter complied one of them schoked him with his taser, while the other shot him dead, while announcing on the radio that the suspect was resisting arrest. It’s not clear how could 40-year-old Terence Crutcher resist anyone, while lying unconciously on the ground. The footage release was immediately followed by protests in Oklahoma.

It’s clear that there’s a growing number of so-called hate crimes being comitted in the US today. To avenge the deaths of innocent black victims, young Arfican-Americans are often taking violence to extereme levels. On July 7, Mika Javier Johnson shot five police officers dead and wounded over a dozen people during a demonstration in Dallas. Ten days later, Gavin Long, a former Marine, killed three police officers and wounded three more in Baton Rouge.

According to the Gallup Institute, the Obama adminstration failed to adress racial problems, since six in ten Americans say racism against blacks is widespread in the US. This number is similar to the percentage measured last year but higher than what Gallup registered in 2008-2009. Perceptions of racism against US blacks were already high before several deadly confrontations between police and black citizens in 2014 and 2016 led to increased concerns about race relations in America, but they have increased modestly since then. At the same time, Americans’ belief in equality of opportunity for blacks in being able to find good jobs, a quality education, and any housing they can afford are the lowest they have been since at least the 1990s. These trends underscore that Americans perceive the situation for blacks as worse than it has been in recent decades.

In turn, the Rasmussen Reports would note that most politicians are not raising racial issues to address them, in fact, three-out-of-four voters (73%) think they’re only raising them to get elected. Numerous analysts have already pointed out that the first black President in the US history has only aggravated the existing racial problems, plunging the US in a de-facto racial war.

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