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lansing street blues
Such hubris, such arrogance….doesn’t he have a clue what the world thinks of him?
The next nightmare will be him as head of the UN. All I can say is I hope Trump withdraws from the UN when he is president!

Trajan Morgan
Amen and get us out of NATO too! Why? Why should Americans spend blood and treasure to defend a continent hellbent on suicide by Islam with their opening wide their gates and bringing in the Trojan Horse Muslim Hordes? [rhetorical question] Secondly, the EU is run by a bunch of unelected bureaucratic IDIOTS and despots in Brussels. There is one city I would not cry over if it got obliterated and it would bring great joy if a certain someone was there golfing at the time. I sure hope President Trump does get us out of both the UN and NATO.

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