John B Wells And The State Of The World – Riots In NC – Martial Order – Discontent And More (Video)

Join us as we host a very special guest, Mr. John B Wells who you will know from The Caravan To Midnight Youtube Channel, The Ark Midnight Show, and his powerful 2 year stand at the helm of Coast to Coast AM on Saturday Nights. Tonight we will be discussing The State Of The World – Riots In NC – Martial Order – Discontent And More.

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John B Wells as a Guest Instead of Host. Interesting.
fyi There Is No Racial” Divide. Only In the Fake Media. People On the Street of All Color Are Sick of the COPS and the System. Their Division Game Doesn’t Work in 21st Century Like It Did in the 60’s, Even the Stupid People Aren’t Really That Stupid.

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