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We are still wondering how the flagship station of the ABC television network, WABC Channel 7 of New York City, owned by the Walt Disney Company mind-you, got away with the preemptive announcement of the death of a former First Lady with nobody getting fired.

You do not pass an announcement like that to the TV anchor without it having been vetted by MANY superior levels of authority. And then we remembered, “Oh right, it’s Disney.” Magic and illusion. That announcement, and its instantaneous retraction, must have BOTH been intentional. We can make that assumption from the fact that the official WABC archives of the statement have been wiped clean and Joe Torres is still employed. Of course, they know they can’t erase the thousands of copies that viewers likely kept on their electronic devices. People cannot “unhear” what they heard. Both “parallel realities” may prove to play a role in this nation’s life very, very soon. But more on that further down this article.

For the moment, may we all give a big shout-out to JEFF RENSE and JAMES FETZER and also many thanks to who have grabbed hold of this story like pit bulls and refuse to let go. Please do visit all three of those links. Two of Rense’s recent radio clips on the subject are posted below.

Jeff Rense Sept. 15 clip:

Jeff Rense clip Sept. 19

Thanks to the blog that Jim Fetzer posted on September 15, one of his readers posted vital albeit unverified supplemental information on the status of Hillary Clinton as of that date. Some of his information purports to be the raw text of a nurse’s log on September 13-14 that display details of Hillary Clinton’s critical status. I will add that there is a personal angle to this information for me because it was exactly one year ago, to the day, that my own father suffered a very similar downfall: sepsis brought on by pneumonia. He was kept alive, though comatose, for one month in ICU. Once he was brought off intubation, he did regain consciousness and was allowed to come home under hospice care. He subsequently fell into the Big Sleep four months later. I mention this because, if the nurse’s notes below are true, it is indeed possible that Hillary is technically alive but also at death’s door.

Much of this Reader’s Comment was posted also by Jeff Rense, linked here, with one astonishing statement omitted at the end. I will copy that statement in bold down below. To those of you RM readers who are in the medical field, feel free to pick apart these statements and comment after this article. Likely you can recognize either the “ring of truth” or “deception” simply by the sound of the jargon alone; I did not alter the typo’s or spelling errors from the original post:

(from: )

Mental status rapidly declined over past 24 hours.  Arousable by loud voice commands, but immediately lapses into stupor without further response.

MAP failed to improve with further increase in norepinephrine. CPP < 50 despite increase of ventilatory rate in an effort to decrease ICP.

Cererbal perfusion disturbances were observed on repeated TCDs.

Diffusion-weighted imaging – cytotoxic and vasogenic edema as well as neuronal damage

EEG – not utilized due to continued benzodiazepene infusion

Global Irreversible Brain Damage caused by Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy.

Hillary Clinton talks to CNN’s Andersoon Cooper via phone

Audio is the spoken voice of Hillary Rodham Clinton. However the quick chat with Anderson Cooper was scripted and rehearsed which is why it sounds canned.

Remember, “This is CNN.”

Hillary Clinton is in a high-security, secluded and private, intensive care unit with 4:1 nursing 24/7.  She also has a team of physicians representing practically every medical specialty.   There are no other patients anywhere near her secure care setting.

She is dying of Sepsis.   She is on broad-spectrum “big-gun” antibiotics to treat the pnenumonia.  However she is still severely immunocompromised and the antibiotics are not anticipated to be curative.   The pneumonia has continued to worsen and cause further damage to her lungs.

She has been trach’d and PEG’d. She is on ventilator support with high FiO2 at low tidal volume.   She is receiving nutritional feeds through her PEG tube.  She was able to speak and spoke over the phone with Mr. Cooper with the aid of a Passy-Muir valve.

Agressive fluid resucitation in combination with vasopressor support were successfull in making her hemodynamically stable for the time being.  She is conscious and partially oriented.   However, vasopressor support is now maxed out and fluid resuscitation is already leading to third-spacing.   APACHE scores indicate extremely high mortality.

Efforts to keep her oxygenated with mechancial venilation is causing further damage to her lungs.  ECMO is not an option.    Her acute lung injury is expected to progress to ARDS, to multisystem organ failure, and then to clinical death.

Palliative measures have been recommended but have not been accepted. Advance healthcare directive stands.  Designated agent for medical decisions refuses DNR status. Agent demands full code and complete and total heroic measures.

She will never be allowed to be seen in the public eye again, even on television. Expect a closed casket ceremony due to the third-spacing.

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