Gerald Celente & Chris Waltzek (Podcast)


  • Head of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente returns with comments on the recent bombings in NY and NJ. 
  • Once gold closes firmly above $1,400 per ounce, a new bull market will be underway, according to the Trends Research Institute. 
  • By sending interest rates to 46 year lows, policymakers temporarily halted an economic implosion, which resulted in a real estate bubble. 
  • Survival / Sur-thrival in the modern economy requires some novel thinking. 
  • The world is passing from the Industrial / Information age to a robotics era, which will eliminate millions of jobs. 
  • One key outcome will be an education overhaul, including interactive artificial intelligence-instructors and virtual classrooms. 
  • Robotics will usher in positive outcomes, including virtual vision and memory enhancement.


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