Charlotte Riots: What They’re NOT Telling You (Video)

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Wesly Stanton
Trump = Anti-globalism, doesn’t sympathize with ISLAM, Anti-importing Multiculturalism (if you are a citizen, than be what you want), ANTI-unfair trade (a big Bernie thing), Doesn’t sympathize with PC SJW idiots like BLM, believes in National Sovereignty, wants immigration controls that will still be more benevolent than Mexico’s, he is not trying to start a war with Russia, he didn’t have to cozy up with the RNC to win the primaries…yep, Trump is pretty badass when it comes to policy positions, just go to his campaign site, everything on there is exactly what this country needs right now. You cannot have multiculturalism, open borders, a huge welfare state, and race riots and expect to have a stable and happy nation. There is a reason why every developed nation in the world, with a high standard of living, is homogenous with strict border controls. Multiculturalism is a made up term by the left as an excuse to bring in third world immigrants who will block vote against the evil white man, and who will always demand bigger government to redistribute white mans wealth…the end.

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