Syria Strike Shows Globalists Prefer War to Losing Control

by James the Russian Analyst

Therefore if Dugin is saying that globalists are hellbent on provoking Russia ahead of the U.S. elections this November, and if Russia’s Ambasador to the UN Vitaly Churkin is asking “who exactly is in charge in Washington?”, then Dugin’s latest is more than alarmism. It represents a significant if not yet fully dominant strain of Russian geostrategic thinking, which has been quite alert as to any potential ‘October Surprise’ involving a falsified or provocateur-ed altercation between American and Russian armed forces. Note in his remarks embedded below Dugin says the U.S. is already bombing “our guys” (in Russian, nashi ribatya or just nashi). Which begs the question: were Russian spetsnaz or GRU advisers present at Deir Ez Zor among the 80 plus Syrian soldiers killed by an ‘accidental’ U.S./Coalition air strike that took over forty minutes of bombing and strafing runs?

We know Dugin is the son of a Soviet GRU officer (who it should be noted, was a dissident back in the 1980s before becoming a fiery Russian Orthodox Old Believer nationalist), did someone in the Russian Defense Ministry whisper in his ear that ‘Polite People’ died in American strike on Syrian Army positions at Deir Ez Zor? Would that explain why someone in the U.S. chain of command suddenly got the urge to ‘bomb ISIS’ at Deir Ez Zor, after months of not striking there and never hitting Daesh where they were engaged in combat with the SAA? Did someone in the Pentagon and CENTCOM hope to send a message to Moscow by killing Russians whose presence was detected by NSA ELINT alongside what were clearly visible to the American pilots as Syrian Army soldiers?

We may never know the answer to those questions. Even sixty five years later, we don’t know the names of the Soviet MiG-15 pilots who were shot down while flying combat missions during the Korean War or their ‘MIA’ American counterparts who ended up living and dying somewhere in Siberian gulags in the Seventies or Eighties. What’s remarkable is Dugin’s use of the term ‘our guys’, unambiguously and in English, to describe the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) victims of the quite deliberate U.S. air strike of three days ago. Dugin knows full well that analysts at various Washington think tanks as well as the CIA, DIA and State Department all watch what he says for insights into what his patron Malofeev and others closer to the Kremlin are thinking (recall our observation that Dugin ‘trolled’ Langley by speaking remotely to an audience at Texas A&M University, where the Agency has a recruiter in residence at the George H.W. Bush School of Government).

On the positive side, we note that Dugin thinks Donald J. Trump is winning the presidential race, and acknowledges with the election of Trump the threat of a NATO-Russia war fades — unless a conflict can be created before the next U.S. President takes office. – JWS


“As we have already said many times, the main aspect of this political season is not elections, but war. But if elections do have importance somewhere, then this is in the US where, once again, they are closely connected to war. Two days ago, on Saturday, September 17th, the likelihood of this war was breathtakingly high. As we know, American troops, who no one ever invited to Syria, bombed the positions of the Syrian army at Deir ez-Zor. As a result of the bombing, 60 Syrian soldiers were killed.”

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