Prisoner Clintons! President Trump!! Brutal Accusations From all Sides!! (Video)

The Trump Campaign has accelerated and expanded the direct accusations of the Clinton’s corruption and direct criminal activity. The FBI will no longer be handcuffed by the DOJ and the indictments will begin. I have had a lot of comments about Comey being corrupt, and just as many that he was blackmailed or threatened. He definitely has past ties with the Clintons, but based on the way that announcement was made it seems that someone told him how this was going to play out. The lack of information about the Clinton Foundation makes me believe that it is the “ace in the hole” to bring down Bill and Hillary and others.

There is an ongoing strategy to ensure that Hillary doesn’t get elected. You can see how the boldness of the Trump Campaign has come forward. These accusations are no longer speculative, they are based on hard facts. Trump is reading all the books recently released and knows that the Clintons are criminals. He has known it for many years. This video shows that the accusations have accelerated and the people making them are heavyweights. Judges, prosecutors, mayors, governors, senators.

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