How Clinton’s Death Will Be Exploited by the Globalists

Hillary Clinton is a liability to the globalists. The longer her campaign continues, the more exposed the globalists and there agenda become. She is a liability and I am certain that Rockefeller and even George Soros are privately saying that Hillary has to go. But before she goes, there is political capital to be gained from her demise.

At first I rejected the rumors that Hillary was dead. However, I have had a few days to reconsider my position. I still do not think that she is dead, although I would not be totally surprised it is was announced in the next few days that she was indeed dead.  When one looks at the following video, Hillary is indeed in a very precarious position from a health standpoint.

We have seen evidence of pneumonia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia. As I have pointed out in prior articles, Hillary could be suffering from all of these symptoms, all stemming from advanced Parkinson’s. Many medical experts have stated that Clinton’s medical condition is so dire that she could be near death.

Would the Globalists Capitalize On Hillary’s Death?

If Clinton is dead, or soon will be, why would the Democrats just not ask for more time and postpone the election? Under Article 11, they have the right to request a delay in such a circumstance. In fact, the election could be postponed until as late as January 3, 2017.

Hillary may, or may not be alive. However, she is clearly on death’s doorstep. Then why keep up the facade? As I just stated, simply request an election day extension until the last possible day and replace her with someone credible.

In my opinion, a straight transition of the democratic candidacy does not buy the Democrats any greater chance to win the election. However, if they could play the sympathy card the right way, then they might have a chance to win the election.

Hypothetical Scenario to Replace Hillary

Hillary is losing the election badly. When a poll like the LA Times has Trump with a 7% lead, the real margin is a landslide. The globalists need something dramatic to pull off a win and history is replete with examples on how this could be accomplished by using the sympathy card.

When JFK was murdered the nation’s sympathy transferred to Lyndon Johnson (LBJ). LBJ had a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being elected President on his own without artificial help. He was unpopular within his own party. He was an uncouth bully that few could stomach. Yet, he beat populist (ie like Trump) by a landslide. And how did this unlikely President defeat Goldwater in 1964? LBJ won because of the sympathy vote. The sorrow that the nation felt towards the death of the dynamic JFK carried over to LBJ. He simply had to smile and not be controversial. And what did the Americans gain with LBJ? The Vietnam War, the continuation of the Federal Reserve criminality, the extension of the oil depletion allowance, the greatest increase in nuclear weapon production in America’s history and the a tighter choke hold of the Military Industrial Complex over the government.

I have covered false flags and assassination for years and what I have learned is that the globalists never let a good crisis go to waste. This belief is based upon this premise that the globalists are not just going to let Hillary die, they are going capitalize on the demise of this 4th degree witch. Or if she does die, they will keep her on ice until she can serve her purpose and help the globalists maintain control over the White House. For these reasons, I am convinced that Clinton’s recent death, or impending death will be exploited for political gain by the globalists.

For the record, I do not endorse the following. However, my opinions are formed by past actions committed by the globalists. However, if I were a globalist I would strongly consider doing the following.

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