The Neo-Con Threat: What Prevents The East From Taking Action?

The great, geopolitical Game goes on and on, yet most people cannot even correctly identify the players. The West’s so-called “sovereign” governments are not Kings in this game, they are Pawns – the Pawns of the oligarch trillionaires (based in the West) who created this Game.

Similarly, the brainwashed masses in Western nations have been increasingly programmed to view Russia and China as “enemies”. This is a reversal of nearly a quarter century of opposite programming previous to this, where the Western propaganda machine depicted Russia and China as new friends. During this time; the oligarchs sought to woo Russia and China into their collection of vassal states.

They failed. They failed because Russia and China are neither the friends nor the enemies of these oligarchs, and the puppet governments they control. They are Victims. From the Opium Wars through to today; Russia and China remember all too well how the West’s empires, in their various incarnations, have sought to destroy Russia and China – again and again.

Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me.

Russia and China (along with most of the Rest of the World) wanted only to be left alone by the Western Crime Syndicate, which currently manifests itself in the form of the U.S. empire. However, for whatever reason, the current generation of oligarch Puppet Masters are the most-rapacious and psychopathic, in all of their centuries of ruling from behind the Throne.

Few nations on the planet have been spared from either acts of economic terrorism from the oligarchs’ puppets, military attacks/incursions, or both. Further demonstrating the rabid insanity of these psychopath oligarchs and their equally psychopathic henchmen is that supposed “friendly nations” (i.e. puppet governments under the oligarchs’ control) are also not spared from economic or military attacks.

The economy of Greece was destroyed, simply to “send a message” to other Western puppet governments. The message was that these governments should not attempt to do what Iceland did – i.e. free itself from the control of this Crime Syndicate – or they would be the next “Greece”.

Should any of the puppet states under the oligarchs’ control start to actually show signs of independent action/policy, then the oligarchs can get really nasty, as Recep Erdogan recently discovered in Turkey. The recent “attempted coup” in Turkey was orchestrated by supporters of exiled cleric Fetullah Gulen. Which nation has been providing sanctuary for Gulen? The United States, of course.

This is part of a long-standing policy on how U.S. Neo-Cons, who direct all foreign policy, treat their “friends”. Just ask Saudi Arabia. In an article which openly accuses the U.S. government of plotting the 9/11 false-flag event, the Saudi legal expert who wrote the article also added these remarks.

Anyone revisiting [statements by] George H.W. Bush regarding Operation Desert Storm might find that he acknowledged that the U.S. Army could have invaded Iraq in the 1990’s, but that [the Americans] had preferred to keep Saddam Hussein around as a bargaining chip for [use against] other Gulf States.

When Hussein’s attempt to move away from the U.S. petro-dollar crime syndicate outweighed his usefulness as a bargaining chip, U.S. Neo-Cons fabricated a pretext for invading Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s regime was destroyed, and he was executed. It must also be noted that Hussien himself was originally a U.S. puppet, and was considered a staunch “ally” of the U.S. (against Iran) in the 1980’s. Indeed, the vast majority of the supposed evidence used to support the “weapons of mass destruction” propaganda against Iraq was based on chemical weapons supplied to Iraq by Western nations.

If this is how the oligarchs, the U.S. puppet government, and its Neo-Con attack dogs treat their “friends”, what are these psychopaths ready/willing to do against the Victims whom they label as “enemies”? This is the question which becomes more and more salient, each day the geopolitical Game continues.


The West (and its oligarch Puppet Masters) are clearly now losing the Game, in large part because the psychopath oligarchs began to cannibalize their own power base – raping-and-pillaging Western economies, along with stealing the wealth of their populations. A dog knows not to defecate in its own bed, a psychopath does not.

With Western economies nothing but hollowed-out, economic shells, the dynamics of the old Cold War have now been reversed. In the 1980’s; the U.S. declared itself victor, not because of some overt strategy of success. It won by default, when the Soviet Union economically imploded during the arms race instigated by the Neo Cons in the Reagan regime.

In the 21st century, the Eastern powers have no need of instigating any strategies to induce Western/U.S. self-destruction. The psychopaths are attending to this all by themselves. As the oligarchs wield their (U.S.) war-machine in an ever more-extravagant manner, they simultaneously continue to plunder the Treasury that funds this war-machine.

Facing their imminent self-destruction; the oligarchs have begun acting like the cornered rats that they are. Governments are toppled, in part, so that the oligarchs’ henchmen can steal these nations gold reserves, in order to prolong the oligarchs’ precious metals/currency-fraud racket. Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine have all been victimized in this manner.

As the West’s imminent economic implosion becomes harder and harder to conceal, have the psychopaths chosen to ease back on their raping-and-pillaging of these nations? Of course not. Instead, they have gone about systematically sabotaging all of the world’s other economies, in an attempt to make the economies of the bankrupt behemoths in the West look least-worst in comparison.

Currency manipulation has been the primary weapon in this campaign of economic terrorism. Regular readers know that the Big Banks have the means to manipulate all of the world’s currencies, a willingness to do so, and a criminal conviction which proves what they have been doing.

However, this was just the start of the oligarchs’ recent campaign to destroy Russia. The U.S. also savagely manipulated oil prices to rock-bottom levels. Barack Obama could not resist the urge to boast that this attack on the oil market was “part of the U.S. strategy” of economic terrorism against Russia.

Then the Neo Con attack dogs went to work. First they staged a coup in Ukraine, Russia’s closest neighbour and long-term ally. They planted their own cabal of Thugs on the throne of Ukraine, and then ordered their Thugs to do anything/everything in their power to provoke (at the least) a regional war with Russia. All this has been done to Russia, without Russia engaging in any form of overt provocation.

Not even China has been spared from Western economic terrorism. In China’s case; the oligarchs have relied solely upon their Big Bank psychopath lackeys. First the banksters created, then detonated, a massive bubble in China’s equity market. This was followed by more economic terrorism, in the form of a major attack on the renminbi.

Where is the retaliation from the East? There has been none. Instead, all we have seen is passive resistance. The East continues to build its own economic base. It has been creating its own “parallel” set of international institutions – to (eventually) replace the corrupt entities created-and-dominated by the West. It seeks to out-position the West, militarily and geopolitically, in the manner of a skilled chess-player.

At some point, however, the chess-player with superior position goes on the attack, and commences an overt strategy for victory: the End Game. We have not seen this with the East.

In the realm of economics; China and Russia have been stockpiling gold reserves at a furious rate, content to allow the Big Banks to suppress bullion prices, as this allowed them to build their massive reserves for pennies on the dollar. But the utility of this strategy has outlived its usefulness. China and Russia’s gold reserves have now each swelled in total, by the thousands of tonnes.

Western reserves (and available stockpiles) have dwindled to near-zero. Any time it wanted to, China or Russia could put an end to the gold-fraud game operated out of London and New York, by doing nothing more than placing massive orders, and then standing for delivery of that gold.

They refuse to do this.

Militarily, in a recent article, Paul Craig Roberts was practically oozing frustration. He noted that Russia has had several opportunities for a decisive victory in the Syrian conflict, against more U.S.-sponsored Thugs, the boogeymen known in Western propaganda as ISIS.

The Russian government has refused to capitalize on these opportunities. Instead, according to Roberts, it has meekly backed-off each time it was on the verge of such victory. Why?

Alternately, Russia and/or China could simply choose to seek to expose these psychopathic oligarchs. They could identify them publicly. They could “out” Western governments as being nothing more than the traitorous puppets of these oligarchs. They could expose the economic mega-crimes of the Big Bank psychopaths, or expose the endless false-flag events manufactured by the Neo-Con psychopaths. They don’t.

Unless we are to impute masochistic tendencies on the part of these governments, the refusal of Russia and China to “stand up” to the bullies of the West can only be ascribed to one explanation: threats. The threats of the U.S.’s psychopathic Neo-Cons.

Given what these psychopaths have already done and are doing to Russia, China, and most of the victim-nations of the Rest of the World, what threats could cause Russia and China (superpowers in their own right) to remain entirely passive, in the face of extreme-and-relentless Western aggression and provocations?

A nuclear holocaust? A biological plague?

The point with any threat is that it must be taken seriously by the target of the threat, or it quickly loses its deterrent capacity. Any “nuclear attack” initiated by the West could easily (must?) result in Mutual, Assured Self-Destruction, i.e. the End of the World.

Any biological plague unleashed by the West could quickly/easily rebound to destroy its Creators. Even if the virulence of the original strain of the plague could be resisted, organisms mutate, relatively often and easily.

It is because of the very real, end-of-the-world potential of these scenarios that threats of this nature would not normally be taken seriously. Sane people don’t play Russian Roulette. It is here where we see the ace-in-the-hole of these psychopathic oligarchs, and their equally psychopathic Neo-Con henchmen.

They are not sane. The mental disease which gives birth to the psychopaths of our species short-circuits sanity. We see this mental disease reflected in the economic crimes the oligarchs perpetrate within Western nations, the foundation of their criminal Empire. What can/must be the only result when the oligarchs complete their looting of the once-wealthy West? The demise of that Empire.

Our world is (at the moment) still run by crazy people. These crazy people have almost finished destroying their own power base. Thus when such crazy people threaten to “destroy everything” should someone/something get in their way, sane people tend to take such threats seriously.

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Jeff Nielson

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