Mornings With “V” Includes Update (Video)

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Rogue Money
Warning: Someone edited this Vid at the 3:29 and a huge section of what was discussed was cut out and recut in at 3:30. This does nothing but make The Guerrilla extremely angry. This attack is Proof positive that the Economic Silver Back is the real deal.

Red Shift
+V the Guerilla Economist, Your video glitched right at the part you were about to tell us what they believe about the arch of Baal. It seemed to skip a significant amount of time because right after the glitch it was like a cut and suddenly you were talking about Wells Fargo. The glitch happened at 3:29 to 3:30 in your video. Check it out. And then please tell us what you said so we can hear what was lost. Thank you in advance 🙂

Here is an update from V – he discusses what was edited out by someone else after uploading – highly recommend.

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