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Michael F
Trump is a lifelong liberal con artist who not only gave money to Hillary Clinton in 2000 for her NY Senate campaign but has also donated money to The Clinton Foundation and a whole host of other liberal (anti gun legislation, pro abortion legislation) issues for the past 40 years…now he’s to be trusted as an “outsider” when he’s spent all this time playing the insider game which has also made him very rich (hand in hand with liberal politicians in the state of New York)….gimme a break….this guy is a con and anyone who thinks this racist sounding thug is in this for your good and not his own power and greed is a total dipshit at this point. Voting this Fall can be summed up this way: Do I vote for the foul mouthed liberal who’s always trying to tear everyone down, or do I vote for the lying, scheming liberal who is a pathological liar. How about not voting for either one and keep your hands clean and you conscious sound America? Trump is a douchebag. So is Clinton.

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