Max Porterfield on Gold, Silver, Hillary and Trump (Video)

The infrastructure of the U.S. is crumbling. Bridges need attention, water systems need attention and roadways desperately need attention. This is to say nothing of school houses, hospitals, mass transit and the list goes on and on.

The two primary candidates running for President have both said they are going to address the crumbling infrastructure once they are elected. The person currently occupying the White House made reference to addressing our infrastructure when he was going around the country announcing he was going to put people to work in “shovel ready jobs.” Well, we’re still waiting for those “shovel ready jobs” to materialize and be filled as our infrastructure continues to slip further into the abyss.

Max Porterfield, CEO, President and Director, Callinex Mines, stopped by to discuss the state of the economy, the Presidential candidates and the gold silver markets. Max has an interesting perspective being in his position. One of the mines he operates is sitting on 3 billion pounds of zinc. Zinc is a vital material to infrastructure construction as it is used to galvanize steel. It is also used in a wide variety of other applications such as producing alloys, like brass and bronze, along with window frame and door construction. These are just a couple of applications to give you an idea of the scale this material is used.

Mr. Porterfield has interesting views of the primary candidates campaigning for the office of President of the U.S.. Max states the Hillary is having “transparency issues” due the problems with emails and going back to Benghazi, while Trump has issues of his own, such as saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times. I agree with both of these views.

We dig into the gold and silver markets and take a look at some possibilities in the short term and of course Max explains all the good things happening at Callinex and gets us up to speed with their progress with some recent drilling results.

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