Is Obama’s ‘Ace In The Hole’ About To Be Played? ‘It’s Now Or Never Time For America – Brace For Impact’

The stories all across the alternative news in recent days call out ominous warnings of possible bedlam dead ahead of us. From Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan warning that Chaos Has Never Been Closer to Brandon Smith’s warning that US politics are now at their ‘strangest and most dangerous’ and a ‘postponed election would trigger massive chaos’, we hear in the final video below why so many people believe that ‘its now or never time‘ for America and we should ‘brace for impact‘.

Giving us more evidence that Barack Obama may try to stay in office past January of 2017 via video clips of statements made by Obama himself, we also see in headlines across the mainstream media in recent days why the globalists suddenly are in a panic: their candidate’s health issues and her party’s never-ending series of lies have blown up in their faces. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s campaign continues to reach new heights as millions of Americans continue to awaken to the damage that globalism has done to our country and to the hopes for America’s future.


However, with the sudden move away from Clinton towards Trump proving that America is indeed more than just ‘redeemable’, we must remind you that we have consistently warned that the globalists have no intention whatsoever of allowing an ‘America-1st’ president into office. As this July 2016 story by Judy McLeod over at Canada Free Press told us, none should hold their breath waiting for President Barack Hussein Obama to impose martial law as a means of suspending upcoming presidential elections — at least not yet. If Obama does impose martial law, it will be a sure sign that Donald Trump has a good chance of winning the presidency. Until then, Obama’s holding martial law as his ace in the hole.

As has long been stated, doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results from our actions is the definition of insanity. Electing somebody into the highest office in the land who has clearly been responsible for much of the death and destruction that has already taken place in the Middle East and around the world for most of the past decade, and expecting ‘change’, would qualify America (and the globalists) as ‘insane’.

With Clinton’s campaign and the mainstream media now in total meltdown mode and a possible Donald Trump election win looking more and more likely every day, many feel that we’re approaching an ‘event’ as warned in the 1st video below. Allowing Obama to either declare martial law and begin a totalitarian crackdown upon a free America, or simply allow him to postpone or call off the election altogether if she continues her seemingly endless tumble, are we arriving at the ‘point of no return’ for America?


The recent story from The Times of San Diego tells us that the 2016 election may be like a ‘Super Nova’ explosion. Combining ‘faux news’, conspiracy theories and fears, their story is called “Election Fraud? Get Ready For Martial Law” and in it we read how the FBI, the DHS, and the Russians may all be part of a drama like no other, preparing to unfold here upon US soil. The story on Charisma News was even more straight to the point in asking if there will even be an election this fall – now only 50+ days away.

As we have reported again and again on ANP, a countless number of executive orders have already been signed during the Obama administration that would allow him to deal with whatever chaos might be approaching. In fact, as we’ve reported, the EO’s that have been signed would allow a nearly total totalitarian crackdown upon America with American citizens forced into slave labor and government taking control over all forms of food, resources and energy.

If Obama and the globalists really don’t want to leave Washington DC and America in the hands of a pro-America president, will anybody be able to stop them if they initiate martial law and a total crackdown upon what is left of America? This story from Bob Unruh over at WND tells us how presidential elections can be contested…if we make it to the election.


For well over 200 years now, the peaceful transfer of power between one president and the next in America has happened regularly every several years without a hitch, so, why might 2017 be different? And as this recent story from Blasting News asks, why is Obama so concerned about who wins the 2016 election? For the first time that we can remember, America actually has a choice in 2016, a pro-America candidate in Trump, or another globalist candidate in Clinton. When was the last time we actually had an ‘America-1st’ candidate in the general election to choose?

Understanding why the globalists are now so desperate with Clinton in total self-destruct mode and Trump surging, we may soon arrive at the time when it’s necessary for Obama to break out his ‘ace in the hole’. We’d like to believe that he knows better though – for to do so could lead America down a dark and dreary road that we could never come back from. Is that what the globalists want?

And what might ‘the event’ be that allows the globalists to complete their ‘end game’ for America including martial law, a canceled election and total chaos as they prepare to bring in their ‘new system’? The interesting series of comments seen below from this Newsmax story echoes this December 2015 story on ANP and gives us a look at what the globalists ‘end game’ for America might be.


As Susan Duclos told us last December, according to a former member of ISIS, the terrorist group was planning an upcoming ‘terror blitz’ upon America, hitting a large number of locations in a series of coordinated attacks. Might the globaslists use their ‘terror proxies’ to force an end to the US election? The fact that this March 2016 story from The Express tells us that ISIS is ‘actively planning a series of bloody Paris-style massacres in the United States ahead of the elections’ and ‘plotting to kill hundreds of Americans in sick bid to fix the US presidential election’ should be an alarm bell ringing. 

In the 2nd video below from videographer Jason Eli, our videographer tells us the reasons why he believes that martial law will soon be declared in America. Warning us of the series of events that he thinks will lead to martial law, he shares why he agrees with a recent assessment by Roger Stone that Michelle Obama might soon be brought in as a replacement for Clinton. Weaving together a series of mainstream and alternative news clips to make his point, we see why America may be only ‘one event away’ from complete political bedlam. We pray that America (and especially the globalists) in 2016 are much bigger than that. America has 200+ years of history to prove that America already is. The question remains, will the globalists willingly relinquish their biggest prize?




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