USGS Earthquake CENSORSHIP SCANDAL — M4.1 strikes near Oregon — Hidden from public (Video)

A science scandal is now taking place in the Pacific Northwest United States, and the people along the West coast of the US are falling victim to it.

There appears to be some sort of “deliberate” attempt to NOT report earthquakes striking along the West coast of Oregon / Washington State / and California. Earthquakes measuring M4.0 to M5.5 (and even a few greater) are being deliberately omitted, and in some cases reclassified as other types of events to remove the earthquake from the feeds seen by the public.

This is Censorship in Science to protect incorrect statements, and protect professionals from having huge egg on their face.

See it for yourself, today a M4.1 struck off the coast of Oregon , not reported by the USGS, but detected by other agencies around the world (and close to home – in Canada for instance).

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