How A Nation Dies: Be PREPARED (Video)

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Gadsden Jim
TRUE Anarchy has NEVER in history ever happened anywhere, to say it’s never worked! It’s never been allowed to happen, humanity has always been enslaved in one way or another. What’s NEVER worked is “government” that actually serves the people! It’s just a deception to deceive people into believing they are free when really it’s no different than it was in the times of kings. The SAME royal family bloodlines still rule and control and manipulate the world through the “governments” ect. People need to learn the REAL history because it is not what You were taught in school! ~Anarchy = NO Rulers & NO Slaves…Period, that’s it.~ It’s time for Humanity to Grow Up and rule themselves instead of being ruled over!!!

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Patriot Nurse

No- Nonsense, Straight talk about Medical Prepping for SHTF and everyday stuff too. I am not liable or responsible in any way for your actions or inactions. Use your head and your own discretion. Everything I tell you is for research purposes only. I absolutely claim complete benevolent dictatorship over all of my material, including comments posted on my material. Just so's ya knows. :D I make liberal and regular usage of the block button. You have zero right to 'free speech' on MY channel. If you are 1) rude 2) abusive 3) just irk me or act like an ass expect to be blocked with no sympathy. I care about people! Let's have fun on this channel, and be kind to each other!