Guerrilla Update: Special Announcement!!! (Video)

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Matty Watson
Dear V, I’m glad you’re addressing health. I’d like you to talk about all of us, and our “Emotional Capital”. I’ve been writing about preparing emotionally for all that awaits us, not just monetarily, war and stocking up on food etc. I heard David Morgan on X22 Spotlight many months ago mention this (being emotionally prepared) and Chris Masterson on Greg Hunter and X22 Spotlight. Chris Masterson actually gave it the term ” Emotional Capital ” Not many people on Alt Media are addressing this issue. How will people cope emotionally ? I know it’s not the most trendy thing to talk about but, being a counsellor it’s been on my mind for quite some time. Look forward to tomorrow’s chat. BTW, can you please do a regular weekly rant with the “Great Dave” from X22. The other week was awsum. Cheers bro from Australia ????

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