China, War and the U.S. Election

If you think the upcoming presidential election is just another event you should consider how people around the world view the coming change at the White House.  As Nomi Prins recently noted the importance of the coming election when viewed outside looking in:

As the U.S. distracts its population with campaign footage, China could take the next step to overtake the U.S. as the world leader.

The non-U.S. International Elites (with China leading the charge) have been pushing to get the yuan addition to the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) in place as scheduled, before the U.S. election. This is no accident. China has been keenly monitoring the events leading up to Nov. 8. and is eager to insulate the Chinese economy from the U.S. dollar, and its new president.

As I learned while traveling in China earlier this year, China believes that next U.S. presidential administration will provide it with more impetus to compete with the U.S. for global power. 

It is watching for any signs of political paralysis that occur during the ongoing campaigns and election. Any perceived weakness in the U.S. will be used to strengthen China’s position in the global community.

Here is an examination of key positions that China views when examining the U.S. presidential contenders and its Asian regional partnersSource

It is no secret that China has been working night and day to get the economic, monetary and military attention she believes she deserves. If you have been following, just the GPD growth of China and the U.S., you can see why China believes she deserves a lot more respect than is currently being directed her way.

China’s gross domestic product (GDP) is on par to break 6% growth, again, in 2016, while the U.S. is struggling, and manipulating statistics, to reach 2%. That is a very telling difference in who is doing what. This is to say nothing of the fact that China has embarked on the largest infrastructure project in the history of the world, the One Belt One Road project. What large scale project has the U.S. embarked? Invading who? Bombing what? If the U.S. military is all that and a biscuit then why is ISIS, al-Nustra and al-Queda still reeking havoc at every turn? It’s a fair question and one that deserves to be ask everyday until our troops come home, permanently.

If you think Russia’s economy is falling apart, as the mainstream media would have you believe, you should do some of your own research as Jim Rogers has done. Mr. Rogers (yeah, I said it) is not only investing heavily in Russia he is encouraging anyone and everyone to follow suit. The combination of China and Russia, economically, is going to devastate what remains of the U.S. economy. It is going to take just a few more short years, but it is already happening. Individual nation states within Europe still have a chance if more countries abandoned the European Union experiment and return sanity to their individual monetary lives; otherwise, the European Union will follow along the U.S. route into the abyss of history.

On the military front the U.S. has become known as the “bully on the block”. Bombing anyone and everyone that doesn’t follow what the neocons in the White House and the Pentagon tell them. Of course, there is that whole NATO shield the U.S. uses as a deflection, but make no mistake about it, it is the U.S. providing the training, funding and arms to conduct these wars of aggression against sovereign nations. The world is sick of it. The world can see right through the thin veil of NATO covering for the U.S. and China is having no part of the U.S. playing dictator to the world in the South China Sea. China has been very clear about the U.S. attempting to dictating policy regarding their own territory. Yankee go home is the message coming out of Beijing.

During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton used hawkish military maneuvers to solidify the power of institutions allied with the U.S.

In her 2012 auto-biography, Hard Choices, she explained these maneuvers: “The confrontations in the South China Sea in the first two years of the Obama Administration reinforced my belief that our strategy in Asia must include a significant effort to upgrade.”

She went on to write “I thought China overplayed its hand [in that region]. Instead of using the period of our perceived absence and the [2008] economic crisis to cement good relations with its neighbors, [China] had become more aggressive toward them, and that shift had unnerved the rest of the region.”

Clinton basically set up the confrontation between the U.S. and China in the South China Sea.Source

China understands what is happening. You don’t have a 5,000 year old country and not learn a thing-or-two about how the world works. China, like the rest of the world, are trying to contain the spoiled brat that is losing it’s ability to dictate to the world and while the brat sees this coming that is no deterrent to screaming, kicking and bombing. The U.S.’s best days have long past. Does that mean we are to roll over and die? Of course not. The problem begins and ends with the greedy bastards in Washington DC and their crony friends on Wall Street and in the City of London. Until these people are rooted out the problems we face, at home and abroad, are only going to deepen.

What would happen if the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar, were no longer the world reserve currency and the exorbitant privilege that goes with that status were to be systematically eviscerated?

…if China is perceived to be devaluing its currency, the U.S. considers China to be doing so solely to one-up the U.S. — not because it is trying to be more market-oriented (as per U.S. and IMF demands) and thus at the mercy of speculators (like George Soros, who attempted to slam the yuan).

Both Trump and Clinton have bashed China, the former more brashly, the latter more consistently. But what they ignore, during the manipulation and stealing jobs conversations, is that China has its own large economy, with four times the U.S. population and about 6 times the growth, to contend with.

China wants the Chinese people to have jobs — with Chinese companies if possible. It is becoming more capitalistic from a business perspective. 

No matter which candidate wins the White House, China stands poised to take advantage of the resulting political sea change or continuation of the status quo. 

That’s why this next step in the power wars is criticalSource

With all this said, the election in November is being watched, around the world, for various reasons and with great anticipation. The choices, we the citizens are left with, do not instill confidence in a great many people both inside and outside the U.S. After going through this exercise I understand why.


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