American Health Under Attack by the FDA

On the show Sunday we covered a variety of breaking topics in the health world and here are a few.

Kratom-Gun Rights & Medical Marijuana-Zika Spraying Activism

*There is a battle going on once again between the powers of nature and the powers that be. A miraculous medicinal plant called Kratom is being captured by the overlords of health all in the name of the best interest of our good. We all know that is code for “we, the drug companies are going to steal this natural plant made for mankind, and we will somehow make a profit off it and make sure nothing interferes with our billion dollar drug industry.” Like the battle with Marijuana, this too is on the front burner and not going away. The people got involved this time and shut down the DEA from this absurd move to make it illegal….for now.

*The next report is about these same powers that be who have this notion they have the power to inform us that our God given right to defend ourselves and exercise our 2nd amendment rights should be taken away because we may need the utilize the healing properties of a medicinal plant called Marijuana? But using dangerous synthetic pharmaceuticals is just dandy. Out of my cold, dead hands!

*In our final story, we cover the decimation of 2.5 million honey bees in NC from the spraying of Naled over the population all in the name of the ZIKA fraud! Spraying thousands of pounds of neurotoxins above the city without the people’s consent much less their awareness is criminal. My suggestion on the show was to get involved! Let your city council know you’re watching them! Show up and give them the facts on this toxin and say hell no! Sure enough, in Miami last Wednesday, a group of about 100 protesters did just that. They showed up at their local city counsel meeting and voiced their indignation at this criminal act. The drones in government were given their marching orders to spray but not before an angry public let them know what they thought. The spraying was postponed for two days. It’s a start! The politicians are on notice!

Public activism is alive and well and growing by the day.

Enough is Enough!


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Dave Hodges

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