Brad Harris: Stream of Continual Disasters (Video)

Our world has become very unstable. Economic, natural and man made instability is now the norm. Our economy is crumbling, not just in the United States but around the world. Syria, Ukraine and the Middle East are in a state of continual war. For whatever reason natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions and hurricanes seem to be growing in numbers and intensity. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty unstable. How do we deal with this instability?

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Planning: You now know that the world we live in is unstable and it is time to make a plan on how to deal with one or more of these scenarios knocking on our door. It can not over stated to have a plan. The odds that one of these disasters will quietly show up at your convenience is about as likely as me hitting a lottery for $300 million. Not going to happen. Personally, my money is on one of these disasters showing up in similar fashion to a freight train, at top speed and unannounced, racing through my living room. Hurricanes, and maybe tornados, are slightly different in they do offer a warning signal. A nuclear missile launched somewhere over seas allows for about 45 minutes of warning. What can get accomplished in the next 45 minutes? What if everyone else is trying to do the same thing, at the exact same time; then, what can you get accomplished? I dare say, not much. Today would be a good day to start, or review, a plan of action so when one of these nasties shows up you at least have an idea of what to do next.

Having a plan is a key element to ensuring the safety and well being of your family. What plan(s) are in place for the children, your spouse or your extended family? In the beginning, and throughout the duration of some scenarios, safety and protection will be king. What is the plan? How do you maintain the health and security of your defenses? What about your family; your children; your parents where are they and how do you get reconnected?

The reality of the situation is this – 99.9% of you reading this have a heart and will be doing your level best to help your family; which includes your family that is not living under your roof. It will get to a point where decisions will have to be made as to who gets what. I don’t like it either, but it is a harsh reality. Having better plans means more people can be helped. Having better plans means more people can survive and thrive. Having better plans means you will become the go-to resource that others will depend on for direction and guidance. This is a huge responsibility. If you are going to expect help you you need to have a great plan in place in order for the people around you to have the confidence your plans are going to work and save lives.

From my perspective there are three choices – 1) you can either plan now so you know your next step – 2) sit back and wait for the government to come help you out, in which case you will die a slow painful death – 3) become a roving nomad that abandons your family and eventually gets you shot multiple times – 3a) completely freak out, and possibly freeze-up, because you don’t know what to do.

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