Strange “Demonic” Attacks are Being Seen Worldwide! – Jason A Video

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+Jason A +everyone… the word ‘demon’ and ‘demon’ both come from the Koine Greek word ‘daemonios’ or ‘demon’ a demon is NOT an outside entity, a demon is a person who is SELF possessed. demon= self. It also means: distributing fortunes, which is a person whose God is money,pride,status,
material possession and the pride of life. There are no such thing as ‘demon’ as most people believe demons to be: malevolent outside entities who work for satan. Everyone possessed by a ‘demon’ is possessed with themselves and are thus made insane in one way or another. Only GOD can put an evil spirit upon a person, ( example: King Saul , it’s known as a ‘Ruach Raah’ in Hebrew)

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