Censorship: YouTube Content and The Truth

You Tube (YT) recently announced they were making changes to their monetization policy. First, the policy was implemented several weeks before YT announced there would be a change. This is now the norm where policies, at all levels of our lives, are first implemented and then discussed publicly, after the fact.

As many of you know I have two different YT channels, The Daily Coin and Shadow of Truth that is co-hosted with Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics. Both channels have been hit with demonetization of videos. It’s not about how much income the channels generate as between the two channels it amounts to little more than a couple of dinners out with my wife and what Dave gets is equal to about one dinner out with his significant other. In other words, not a lot of dough.

The thing is this – it’s about censorship and control. The list of subjects/topics that are on the “hit list” is long and, in most cases, very vague. When a policy/law/act/bill is written in very vague language it allows for very broad brush strokes to encompass whatever the enforcer sees as being “unfriendly”. This is the real problem that I have with this new policy. If you have never produced a video like the ones that I produce I can assure you they take time, effort and resources. A typical video that is produced for either The Daily Coin or Shadow of Truth averages about 3 hours. On occasion I will include several images, edit out individual words and various other aspects of the production that very quickly take an edit job from 3 hours to 10 hours. This does not include the time spent on Skype to create the audio for the video. That can add anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It would be nice to generate a little income for all the effort that goes into creating a single video. If, after investing 4 to 12 hours in a single video, on a subject that is considered unfriendly to have it stripped of the few pennies of revenue it becomes disheartening. People are already shutting down their channels and moving on to other situations. This will continue to happen. This is how you create an atmosphere of intolerance while preaching the virtues of tolerance!

Once again, it is not about the revenue, it is about censorship. As many of you know the subjects that are covered in all of the videos I have produced have been about current events – economic collapse, gold, silver, geopolitics, the election and the like. It is has been a policy for all videos, on both channels, that I have produced to edit out profanity. There have been a few words to slip through but I have read more comments from people that picked up on the fact that I painstakingly removed individual words from the over 300 videos produced. It is important, to me, to remove profanity in order to elevate the quality and professionalism of the final product. If you are subjected to a bunch of f-bombs after a while it begins to sound like some “basement dweller” with a chip on his shoulder. Not exactly the goal.

If you listen to the video below, Phillip, does his best to explain what has happened and how these broad brushstrokes work. With having two videos, on each of my two channels, already being flagged it is a real concern. One of the biggest problems is reaching a large audience. When your goal is share the news of the day, ideas, concerns for your community it is best to try to reach as many people as possible. YT is freaking huge. All other social media pales in comparison to the reach of YT. To give you an idea of the size of this platform, on average, there are 72 hours of video uploaded to YT every minute. Three days of material per minute! My brain is not equipped to paint the size of that picture.

Currently, the alternatives are few. The reach of YT dwarfs Vimeo and all other video platforms by 1,000’s of percentage points. It may be that I move everything to strictly a podcast platform, eliminate the video altogether and move forward from there. I have been working Mike, SilverFarm, who runs the SilverFarm podcast platform on Podbean.com. I may move everything to that platform and see how that works. I know that Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network, is the king of the podcast platform and Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin, is making great headway utilizing SilverFarms website.

Give this a listen and hear what a YT “star” thinks about the whole situation. Pay attention as Phillip explains the enforcement of this new policy and how the subject/topic is demonetized on one channel but not another – basically the same information on two different channels. It’s not about the revenue, it’s about control. The truth, the real truth, is getting legs around the world and the YT platform is one of the largest platforms to spread truth on the entire planet. If you begin systemically shutting down or shutting out people spreading the truth we are only left with the lies, deceit and propaganda spread by CNN, Bloomberg and the like. That is a sad reality; this is the direction this new policy is pushing.


September 9, 2016. This morning, like every morning, as I begin my day I open my YT subscriptions to see what has been published overnight. Today was much different. Very, very few new videos. As I am going through the subscription list, I am subscribed to over 250 different channels, I noticed there are videos missing that I had published at The Daily Coin website. I checked a couple of the videos to make sure they were working, and they are in fact working, but they are not showing up in my subscription list at You Tube. The only videos appearing in my subscription list are videos that are not monetized, all monetized videos, including the video I produced on September 8, 2016 for Shadow of Truth, are not appearing in my subscription list.

Now we see how this is going to work. Please check your YT subscriptions and see if you some of your subscription providers are missing from your list. This may be a one-off as YT is known to make changes to the site that wreak havoc for a day or so and then everything is reset and works properly, but it seems different this time. If you have to check each subscription for an “unfriendly” “demonetized” video this is not going to work for most people. Who has time to check, 5, 10, 50 different channels to see if they have published a new video? No one. This is part of the control apparatus discussed. If your videos view count drops to 100 views where as you were getting 10,000 views, well, then what is the point of creating content if no one is watching? Break the video producers spirit from within. The only videos, currently, showing up in my subscription list are videos that are NOT monetized.

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