Chris Marchese: Silver, Gold & Mining in Confirmed Bull Market, Prepare for More Gains! (Video)

Chris Marchese of The Morgan Report is on at just the right time to update our members on the current gold/silver sector & especially mining stocks with the recent pullback. As one of the world’s top silver experts it’s great to hear him say without a doubt this is a confirmed bull market. No time is wasted in this interview so enjoy a 13 minute update on our favorite markets.

01:30 Current Mining Sector Pullback is Natural Correction
04:40 Confirmed Bull Market says Silver Expert Marchese
06:40 This is Similar to 2009-2010-2011 Bull Market
07:30 Silver: The Most Exciting Metal to Invest & Profit
09:50 The Morgan Report Stock Suggestions, Get More from Them
10:30 Primary Silver Producers vs Large Names with less than 50% Revenue
13:40 Contact & Connect with Chris & The Morgan Report


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