Can You Get Your Family Together in an Emergency? | Brad Harris (Video)

Where will your family members go in an emergency? Does your family have coordinated and staged plans to get home or evacuate? If severe weather hits while you’re at work and your kids and at school, how will you all get home safely? What if there’s trouble in your town, your travel route, or neighborhood and it’s not safe to go home: does your family know how to get to the right meeting place?

Brad Harris, emergency news feed analyst and founder of joins Reluctant Preppers and reveals how to develop a robust, multi-tiered, and field-tested plan to keep you and your family on the same page in a crisis – even when communication is cut off. Start planning your vital get-home & evacuation plans today!

In this interview:
– Current emergency crises around the world that can happen in your locale without warning.

– How to create and practice a robust get-home and evacuation plan.

– Situational awareness and adopting a protector mindset. Making the transition from sheep to sheepdog and developing the mental preparedness attitude of a bodyguard to keep your family and others safe in any situation.


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