Ben Carson Unhinged! Dismantles Obama! (Video)

Ben Carson was several years ahead of his time. He was discussing things several years ago that no other person would talk about. He was the pioneer. Trump adopted his game plan. Trump was the best person to relay the message. I love Carson. He actually performed a 14 hour operation on my nephew who would not be alive if it weren’t for Dr. Carson. Where was this fire and passion during the primaries? I think that this was really not in sync with his real personality. It takes a guy like Trump that are used to the conflict and confrontation, but clearly Carson has the intellect and grounding to be a great president!! He may very well be Trump’s replacement. The second part is a video of a Carson speech he gave at the Obama prayer breakfast. He completely caught Obama off guard and crushed him. He was audited by the IRS for the 2 years after that. Our system is so corrupt. Carson was talking about PC years before people even knew what it meant.

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