Wade Hodges: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of the Next 30 Million Ounces of Gold

People reach personal goals all the time, nothing unusual. Set a goal, do the work and “miracles” happen. What does personal success mean to you? I have ideas about success but they seem to be in motion. If we are allowed to pursue life, liberty and happiness it seems that more people become successful. If we are continually choked by unnecessary laws, regulations, government over-reach and how much of our success is killed or drained from our creative pool?

Wade Hodges, CEO and Director, Nevada Exploration, has been a member of seriously successful teams. Mr. Hodges has been a member of the teams that have been responsible for the discovery of more than 30 million ounces of gold! I would describe that as success! Wade is not done. Not only is he on the trail of another large discovery he was not satisfied with merely being part of another discovery, he wanted a whole new technology to make the discovery.

Nevada Exploration, currently, has five properties for Mr. Hodges to stake the claims, dig in the dirt and discover the gold. If it were only that simple we would all be covered in gold.

Allow Wade to give you his take on success, view of the current state of the economy and a couple view points on freedom and the current election cycle. You may think this has nothing to do with discovering gold, when it, in fact, has everything to do with discovering gold.

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