Weak Jobs Number Sends Gold & Silver Surging But Here Is The Big Surprise

A weaker than expected jobs release in the United States has sent the price of gold and silver surging but here is the big surprise.

According to the release, there were a total of 151,000 jobs created in the U.S. and that was below the median forecast.  This immediately sent the gold market higher and silver surged more than 2 percent…

Meanwhile, the HUI Mining Index has already experienced a 23.3 percent correction at the lows of Thursday’s trading (see weekly chart below).

KWN I 9:2:2016

The miners are showing early strength in pre-market trading and this strength should continue throughout the day if the gold and silver markets can remain firm.

Speaking of the miners, KWN has just completed an interview with the man who is chairman of one of the premier gold companies in the world today.  What is extremely interesting about this company is not only the fact that they already have over 10 million ounces of gold in the ground and 13 million when you include gold equivalent, but also the fact that one of the largest and most respected banks in Latin America has taken a 10 percent position in this company and has participated in every single offering the company has done.  Why is this so interesting?  Because this is the only gold company in the world that this bank has chosen to invest in.

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