Twilight Zone of Transition between Stability & Instability-Warren Pollock (Video)

Donald Trump had a fantastic week that included a surprise trip to Mexico to talk with the President of Mexico. After that, Trump flew to Phoenix to give a 10 point immigration policy speech that went over big. Of course, if you watch the mainstream media (MSM), Trump was a total disaster, but don’t believe the liars employed by legacy media. The MSM lies and are freaking out that Trump could pull off a win despite their biased political spin.

There are many in the MSM that have come right out and admitted their reporting was biased against Donald Trump. The MSM basically says it’s their duty to destroy Trump. Well, guess what? The credibility of the MSM is what is being destroyed. Even some on the USA Today staff are now saying that they should start to “scrutinize” Hillary Clinton. You mean repeated charges of national security breaches, bribe taking, obstruction of justice, charity fraud and lying have not caught the attention of the MSM yet? I predict that the MSM will never recover after this kind of lie by omission and lopsided political hack reporting. Good riddance to the corporate MSM, and long live the truth!!

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Greg Hunter

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