John Embry & Chris Waltzek (Podcast)


  • John Embry, Senior Strategist at Sprott Asset Management returns with key insights into the startling 2016 PMs market rally. 
  • The recent pullback represents a discounted buying opportunity within a new long-term bull market. 
  • Once gold breaks out of the consolidation in terms of the US dollar, the de facto reserve currency, the bull market will continue.
  • China’s official 3,000 ton gold reserve figure at the PBoC may be vastly understated; the true stockpile could represent the largest worldwide.
  • A recent article by Koos Jansen shows that China’s top banks likely hold massive gold reserves, the traditional asset of choice.
  • The discussion includes “Bond King”, Bill Gross, who may soon earn a new royal title of “Gold King.” 
  • The financially savvy professional seems to be losing his appetite for bonds in favor of gold. 
  • The duo suggest that the billions of dollars / currencies held in paper form should be shifted into safer alternatives, such as bullion, and mining shares. 
  • The world’s most useful precious metal, silver may eventually outshine its rivals, sporting one of the most enviable investment valuations. 
  • Once gold ascends to it’s rightful place as king of currencies, the gold / silver ratio will return to 10:1, sending silver into the triple digits. 
  • The Irish Times reported that the Bank of Ireland is now charging for the right to deposit funds, making home safes much more desirable.
  • Sales in home safes are soaring across much of Europe, ground zero of the ECB negative saving rates.


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